Magellan Of Genecourt


A bard does not need to prepare spells as per the normal magic rules. Instead every time the bard uses a spell he regains it after a set number of hours depending on which mastery level it is. He is still limited to two spells per mastery level. Apprentice 1 hour, adept 2 hours, master 4 hours & archmage 8 hours.

Create a hand held musical instrument, lasts for one scene.
You can discern which way north is.
Grant a +1 non-stackable* morale bonus to all mortal allies, lasting one scene and will end after they take their first morale test.

Comprehend an unknown spoken language for one hour.
Hold a two-way whispered conversation with someone up to 100’ away.
Make an object or 10’ x 10’ area slippery forcing them to pass an evasion test or they will either fall over or drop the affected object.

Cause a target within 50’ with 5 HD or less to pass a spirit save or lose an action.
Cause 10 HD of mortal foes to take a morale test.
Rally allies who have failed a morale test, allowing them a re-roll.

Create an illusionary text message at a location up to 50 miles away that only select creatures can read.
Grant a +1 non-stackable* attack and morale bonus to 40 HD of mortal allies, lasting one scene.
Charm a mortal foe within 100’ with 10 HD or less who will ignore you as a threat, unless he pass a spirit save. Lasts one scene.

*Non-stackable means this spells effect cannot be combined with a similar effect.


Domion points:
Know as a most awesome duelist (Might)

Magellan Of Genecourt

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