The Remnants of Hope

The result of a necromantic ritual



The result of a necromantic ritual
Wandering sage of herbs and healing
Dreams of house Calix (the elven noble)
Famous miracle worker


Score Mod Check
Str 16 2 5
Dex 18 3 3
Con 18 3 3
Int 11 0 10
Wis 17 2 4
Cha 16 2 5
Saves Mod
Hardiness 5
Evasion 5
Spirit 4

Voodoo attack:
Plus 5 to hit
Damage: 1d10+2


Hit points

Effort 4
Influence 4
Dominion 4


Heroes with the Death Word may command undead in their presence
as an action, ordering up to ten per character level. Greater undead get
a Spirit saving throw to resist, and cannot be commanded to self-destruct.
As an On Turn action, they also know the details of what,
where, and how anything died or is dying within 100 feet of them.

Scythe Hand On Turn
Commit Effort. There is death in your gaze or your blade, which you
may use as a magic weapon. It has a 1d10 damage die and a 200 foot
range. This attack always does at least 1 point of damage against living
creatures or undead, even if the hit roll misses.

Keeper of the graves
You learn exactly where every corpse, undead or fragment of remains
are within 200 feet and their identity in life. You can tell exactly how
they died as if you had observed their death personally. If you Commit
Effort you have an invincible defense against lesser undead.

White Bone Harvest (Smite) Action
Commit Effort for the scene. As an action, you may instantly destroy
any hostile lesser undead in sight provided they are lesser foes. Other
undead in sight suffer your level in points of damage, tripled for Mobs.

Summons to Day Action
Commit Effort for the day. Any normal mortal creature can be called
back from death, provided the corpse is relatively intact, they have
not received funerary rites or been delivered to a Paradise, and they
have not been dead for more than a month. They revive with 1 hit die.
Godbound and supernatural entities cannot be called back this way.


Heroes with the Endurance Word need not eat, sleep, drink, or
breathe, and may set their Constitution score to 16, or 18 if it’s already
16 or higher.

Body of Iron Will Constant
Your natural armor class is 3. You are impervious to any natural environmental
damage, such as that caused by extreme heat, cold, pressure,
radiation, or vacuum. Such forces used as a weapon or hazard against
you function normally. Armor or shields don’t benefit this base AC.


Heroes with the Health Word have an invincible defense against
diseases and poisons of all kinds. They may set their Constitution
to 16, or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.

Flesh Made True Action
You are able to cure maimings, blindings, poisons, mutilations, and
birth defects by sight, once per round. This does not heal hit point
damage directly, but it can restore lost limbs and crippled functionality.

Ender of Plagues Action
Commit Effort for the scene. Cure all diseases and poisonings within
sight. If the Effort is expended for the day, the range of the cure
extends to a half-mile around the hero, penetrates walls and other
barriers, and you become immediately aware of any disease-inducing
curses or sources of pestilence within that area.

Merciful Gaze Action
By your gaze on a target within sight, you can heal 2d6 plus your
character level points of damage. The target must Commit Effort for
the day in order to benefit from the healing, however. NPCs and other
ordinary mortals normally can benefit but once per day from this gift.


Excellence of Death Constant
Choose one attribute score and raise it to 18. This excellence is usually
colored by the Word that grants it; Fire that grants Dexterity might
cause sparks to be left behind swift motion, while Earth that grants
Wisdom might lend a ponderous and steady tint to your thoughts.
This gift may only be taken once, regardless of how many Words
your hero has bound.
Dex, unnatural dead movements


Dominion points brugt:

  • Præstinden Fayrannar acceptede vores krafter
  • Elverne er begyndt at tænke at der måske findes en anden løsning

The Remnants of Hope

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